Our Work

Our Mission
Napa County Landmarks is a non-profit organization that advocates for the appreciation and preservation of historic buildings, sites and districts through educational programs, public policy, research, and technical assistance.

Our Vision

Napa County Landmarks will be recognized as the pre-eminent resource and authority on Historic Preservation in Napa County. We envision an organization that is regarded with respect, consulted on all major county historic preservation issues, and recognized as the leader of an effort that has secured the future of our historic resources. 

We expect to be: 

  • A creative, effective, and fiscally sound organization with a reputation for achieving success with integrity. 
  • Staffed sufficiently with paid and volunteer personnel to deliver the programs, activities and member benefits set forth through this plan with excellence. 
  • Working to fulfill a mission that has expanded to include the historical cultural landscapes that are such a significant aspect of our unique regional character. 
  • Known as the catalyst for bringing together all organizations whose activities and decisions impact the state of our historic resources to identify opportunities and collaborate on win-win solutions to complex preservation problems. 

We seek to be primarily responsible for: 

  • The development of local government officials who are knowledgeable about the status of our historic treasures, the value, and advantages of preserving them, the principles of preservation, the laws that govern it and who support actions that reflect that knowledge. 
  • The development of a community that is aware of and concerned about the status of our historic treasures and interested in supporting preservation with policy, funding and support of our organization. 

The fact that Napa County has lost no existing historic buildings or structures that we have identified and publicized as endangered during the term of this plan without a thorough understanding of the erosive impact of that loss on the cultural fabric of our community.