The Heritage and History of the American Porch

This article was written by Rebecca Yerger and previously published in the Napa Valley Marketplace Magazine in November of 2014. To keep Porchfest awareness alive, NCL thought it would be appropriate to re-publish.  Enjoy!

The American porch is a prominent and defining feature of a building, especially a residence. Over time, its purpose, function, form and popularity have evolved as … Read More

2020 Scholarship Awards

NCL Awards the 2020 Napa County High School Scholarships

To encourage the next generation of historic preservationists, Napa County Landmarks (NCL) is proud to announce the recipients of our annual scholarships for graduating Napa County high school seniors for 2020. NCL is a nonprofit organization that advocates for the appreciation and preservation of historic buildings, sites and districts through educational … Read More

Fourth of July Flashback St. Helena Style

A Look Back at 1894 & 1905

The following descriptions are St. Helena’s Fourth of July celebrations in 1894 & 1905 appearing in the local newspaper, the St. Helena Star.

1894 – “The St. Helena Turn Verein Celebrates Our Natal Day.” 

  “The 118th anniversary of America’s independence was celebrated in St. Helena. The town was dressed in holiday attire, … Read More